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February 27, 2003
Chapel Hill Passes Resolution to NC Attorney General on NSR Lawsuit
State of Delaware and Washington DC join with 10 other states to sue EPA

In the latest evidence of a statewide groundswell the Town Council of Chapel Hill, NC voted unanimously to pass a resolution urging Attorney General Roy Cooper to file a Petition for Review against a ruling issued by the EPA that revises the New Source Review (NSR) Provision of the Clean Air Act. The vote, on Monday night, was 9-0. In passing the resolution Chapel Hill joined the Town of Sylva and the City of Asheville in sending similar messages to the Attorney General. The decisions were unanimous in each location.

NSR is that provision within the Clean Air Act that mandates the cleanup of grandfathered factories and power plants when they are improved or enlarged in any way other than routine maintenance. The EPA's Final NSR rule, issued on Dec. 31, would allow these older plants to increase in size and emission output without upgrading emission control systems. Most observers believe this will result in more emissions of Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Mercury in areas that are already experiencing severe air pollution problems. States on the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountain Range could be hit hard.

If North Carolina files suit against the EPA by the March 3 deadline, it will become the 12th state plus the District of Columbia to file. Washington DC and the State of Delaware filed on February 26 joining New York, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Chapel-Hill, Asheville and Sylva were first approached with the resolutions by the Canary Coalition, a rapidly growing grassroots Clean Air Advocacy movement sprouting out of western North Carolina and, now, with members in ten states. "It's becoming clear that the people of North Carolina want the State to take this action and comply with Section 10 of the NC Clean Smokestacks Act. North Carolina law requires state agencies to use all available means, to influence upwind out-of-state polluters, to raise emission control standards. Litigation is one method specified by the law. The Attorney General has an obligation to follow through." explains Avram Friedman, of the Canary Coalition. "But, there's a race with time, now. March 3 is the deadline for states to file a Petition for Review against the EPA ruling. For those who are concerned about air quality issues in our state and in our country, now is the time to contact Attorney General Cooper's office and Secretary of DENR Bill Ross's office and let them know that you expect North Carolina to join with the eleven states and the District of Columbia who are suing the EPA over its decision to weaken the Clean Air Act."

NC Office of the Attorney General
Roy Cooper e-mail: Telephone: 919-716-6400

Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)
Bill Ross e-mail: Telephone: 919-715-4102

January 16, 2003
Edwards to Offer Appropriations Amendment To Block EPA's New Source Review Reforms

Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) plan to offer a budget rider to block the Bush administration's new source review reforms under the Clean Air Act, an Edwards spokesman said Jan. 15. Edwards hopes to block the reforms with a rider to legislation that would fund federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, during fiscal year 2003,the spokesman said. The Senate began debate on the funding bill Jan. 15.

EPA published a final rule creating new source review exemptions for companies that install modern pollution controls when they upgrade or
expand operations at major pollution sources (67 Fed. Reg. 80,185; 250 DEN A-4, 12/31/02 ).

Edwards joined environmental groups in charging that EPA was creating new loopholes for polluters, but EPA maintains the changes will reducepollution by making it easier for companies to improve energy efficiency.

During 2002, Edwards called on EPA to refrain from finalizing the rule until it released an analysis of the health and environmental impacts of
the changes. The amendment Edwards is planning to offer would block EPA implementation of the final rule until it produces the analysis. The agency released a supplemental environmental analysis when it published the final rule, but the Edwards spokesman said it was inadequate.

Point of Order
A Senate Republican aide told BNA the language on environmental analysis may allow Republicans to raise a point of order against the Edwards amendment because Senate rules do not allow substantive legislative changes in an appropriations bill.

A Senate Democratic source said Edwards is being supported in the appropriations rider by outgoing Senate Environment and Public Works
Committee Chairman James Jeffords (I-Vt.) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), outgoing chairman of the Clean Air Subcommittee.

Senate and environmental group sources said that if the Edwards amendment fails, it would get senators on record on whether they support or oppose the new source review changes and heighten the debate over the issue.

With Republicans in the majority, a victory on the amendment was seen as an uphill battle but possible because several Northeastern Republicans have criticized the new source review reforms. Frank Maisano, a spokesman for electric utilities, said a vote on a budget rider may show the extent of Southern and Midwestern Democratic support for the reforms.

Senator Edwards Contact information:
Senator John Edwards
United States Senate
225 Dirksen Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-3154
fax (202) 228-1374
email go to: form.html

February 28 - N.C. Stays Out Of EPA Dispute (Asheville Citizen-Times)

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CBS News - November 12, 2002

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Great Smoky Mountain National Park: Most Polluted National Park
Hendersonville News - September 24, 2002

National Association Of Manufacturers Named Clean Air 'Villain Of The Month' by Clean Air Trust'
Common Dreams - September 16, 2002

Asheville Doctor: Clear Skies Clears Way For More Pollution
Asheville Citizen-Times - September 3, 2002


Regional Pollution Study Complete, SAMI Issues Report
Asheville Citizen-Times - August 29, 2002

Variety Of Pollutants Dirties Region's Air
Asheville Citizen-Times - August 17, 2002

Great Smoky National Park Issues Severe Ozone Advisory
The Sylva Herald - August 15, 2002

Researchers To Determine Effects Of Air Pollution On Smokies
Smoky Mountain News - August 14, 2002

Smokies Could Face Worst Ozone Season
Asheville Citizen-Times - August 13, 2002

'Clear Skies': Bush's Gift To Coal Burners
Common Dreams - August 11, 2002

Bad Air Days - Scientists Find New Pieces To Air Pollution Puzzle
The Christian Science Monitor - August 8, 2002

Federal Agencies Ordered To Obey Alternative Vehicle Law
Environmental News Service - August 8, 2002

EPA Refuses To Delay Diesel Rule
Environmental News Service - August 2, 2002

Senators Press Bush On Clean Air
Washington Post - August 2, 2002

"Nearly half the Senate, including two Democratic presidential aspirants and three Republicans, urged the administration yesterday to postpone plans to ease enforcement of industrial air pollution regulations -- a sign that environmental issues may be gaining prominence in the November elections."

Edwards And 43 Other Senators Push Bush On Clean Air
Asheville Citizen-Times - August 1, 2002

JULY 2002

Bush Introduces Clear Skies Legislation
Environmental News Service - July 30, 2002

"John Kirkwood, president and CEO of the American Lung Association, said the administration's Clear Skies plan "will dismantle the Clean Air Act and severely weaken the nation's effort to fight air pollution.""

Air Pollution Aggravates The Common Cold
Associated Press / CNN Health - July 25, 2002

California's Clean Air Bill Passes
U-Wire - July 25, 2002

California Governor Signs Landmark Auto Emissions Law
Reuters - July 23, 2002

California Takes Lead On Auto Emission Pollution Law
Washington Post - July 22, 2002

Bush Plan to Ease Clean Air Rules Roils Court Cases Against Utilities
Washington Post - July 16, 2002

Sulfur Reductions Fuel Gasoline Debate In North Carolina
The Charlotte News-Observer - July 13, 2002

Clearing The Air On Bush's New Plan
Competitive Enterprise Institute- July 8, 2002

"Clearing The Air: Why I Quit Bush's EPA" by Eric Shaeffer
The Washington Monthly - July/August 2002

Air Over Smokies As Hazy As EPA's Pollution Solution
Asheville Citizen-Times - Editorial - July 5, 2002

Red, White & Blue: Conserving America The Beautiful
Environmental News Service - July 3, 2002

Canary Gold: Scrubbing Up With The Clean Smokestacks Bill
Mountain Xpress - July 3, 2002

U.S. Federal Court Finds DC Air Pollution Violates Federal Law
Environmental News Service - July 2, 2002

Click here to read the court's opinion.

EPA Leader Gets Firsthand Look At Great Smokies' Haze
Asheville Citizen-Times - July 2, 2002

Clean Air Trust Reacts To EPA Media Stunt In Great Smokies
Clean Air Trust - July 1, 2002

EPA Chief Says Bush Emissions Cuts Would Save Lives
Reuters - July 1, 2002

"Environmental groups say the White House plan would weaken existing clean air rules to benefit the energy firms that were big contributors to George W. Bush's presidential campaign."

JUNE 2002

Senate Committee Backs Power Plant Emissions Bill
Environmental News Service - June 28, 2002

EPA Leader Whitman To Visit Polluted Smokies (Mon. 7/1)
Asheville Citizen-Times - June 27, 2002

Senate Panel Rejects Bush Dirty-Air Plan
Environmental News Network - June 27, 2002

Senate To Subpoena White House For Air Pollution Documents
Washington Post - June 24, 2002

"Senate Environment and Public Works Committee members intend to subpoena the Bush administration this week for documents and e-mails related to a recent decision to relax restrictions on emissions from older coal-fired power plants and refineries."...

"Committee chairman James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.), a staunch critic of the administration's clean air policies, has been pressing for months to obtain documents describing the administration's deliberations, the likely impact of the proposed rule changes on air quality and enforcement efforts, and the role of the utility industry in shaping the new rules."...

Governor Signs Pact Cutting Utilities' Pollution
Asheville Citizen-Times - June 21, 2002

Taylor Federal Bill Still Up In Politcal Air
Asheville Citizen-Times - June 21, 2002

Easley Signs Part Of Clean Smokestacks Legislation In Asheville
Asheville Citizen-Times - June 20, 2002

Air Quality Should Improve: "Smokestacks Act" Clears Legislature
Charlotte News-Observer - June 19, 2002

EPA Proposes To Ease Rules On Clean Air
Washington Post - June 14, 2002

U.S. To Relax Air Pollution Rules For Utilities
Reuters - June 14, 2002

EPA Proposal Could Undermine Clean Air Act
Environmental News Service - June 13, 2002

Trust Assails Bush Plan To Weaken Clean Air Act Enforcement
Clean Air Trust - June 13, 2002

N.C. House Panel OKs Pollution Bill
Hendersonville Times-News - June 12, 2002

Clean Smokestacks Bill Expected To Be Revived
Asheville Citizen-Times - June 4, 2002

MAY 2002

Utilities File Plan To Sell Renewable Energy To Electric Customers
Asheville Citizen-Times - May 31, 2002

Groups From States In Southeast To Sue EPA
Asheville Citizen-Times - May 31, 2002

Environmentalists Threaten To Sue EPA To Force Tougher Air Quality Standards
Associated Press - May 31, 2002

New EPA Study Finds Elevated Cancer Risks from Toxic Air Pollution
U.S. Public Interest Group - Asheville Citizen-Times - May 31, 2002

Health And Environmental Groups To Sue EPA To Tackle Smog Problem
Clean Air Trust - May 30, 2002

Summit On Clean Air Slated For This Weekend
Asheville Citizen-Times - May 8, 2002

Buncombe Commissioners Consider Ways To Impove Air Quality
Asheville Citizen-Times - May 7, 2002


Most Polluting Power Plants' Emissions Getting Dirtier, Study Shows
Asheville Citizen-Times - April 5, 2002